Leaving A Trail

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

wilder1Do you remember Gene Wilder shouting with crazy jubilation in Young Frankenstein? Sometimes … a developer comes out of the laboratory with that same riveted look, that same wide-eyed wonder, that same sense of crazed satisfaction.

I sit and watch and often wind up exclaiming, “It’s alive!” The “experiment” this week falls into that “alive” category.
Let us know if you agree. Now for some use cases …

Case #1 – I want to conduct a live lesson for all students who did poorly on Assignment 6.03.
Case #2 – I’d like to create a group for students who scored an A-grade on exam 2.01.
Case #3 – I want to email all students who started some work but never finished.

These are not uncommon tasks, but they are by no means simple to execute … until now! Welcome to ATA, Assessment Tracking Actions. Before we get to the end goal, there are two paths to get there, depending on your focus. Here we go …

Student Path


Near the bottom … notice the Find learners based on performance section.
Select the Course and click GO.


You will find yourself on the Requirements Page (below).
Moving along the other path to the Requirements Page …

Assessment Path
Click on the ASSESSMENT dropdown and pick an assessment type.
Find any assessment in the list and click the ACTIONS button.


Select the MODIFY choice.
NOTE: For assignments only, select advanced assignment properties


Now choose the Advanced-tracking link for either exams or assignments.


Welcome again to the Requirements Page!
Whether you arrive via STUDENTS or ASSESSMENTS, you will find yourself here:


Here you enter your requirements to find your students. If scores are required, just enter your choice into the text box and click SEARCH. Feel free to include non-submitted assessments into your results. While the steps will seem somewhat cumbersome or confusing at first, you will find it well worth the effort to get into the groove.

The real power, the benefit for you, should become apparent on the Results Page. Results? Power? Take a look:


You can filter these results even further. You can select any/all students. Then you pick the action you’d like to take: email, group, or force. Can you imagine using this feature? Tell us how. We listen.

That should wrap it up, but there is just one more thing. Give this one a read:

Love the unread email feature as well. Small thing… if it is 0 can it be a different color. It just keeps catching my eye.

So, we went one better.

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


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8 thoughts on “Leaving A Trail

  1. The tracking stuff is interesting, but whether or not I check the “Include non-submitted assessments in results” check box when I was looking for less than 15/20 on several assignments, it still lists the folks who have not done the assignment in 3461 and in 3065. That means that every segment 2 student only student shows up every single time I tried to pull a list for segment 1. I did not play with it for the second segment. It would also be nice if it excluded excused assignments. This might also be even more useful if it was done from the gradebook view.

    When I try to put together a group for a focused help session, I export my gradebook to Excel, sort by segment, and then by percent complete. It makes it pretty easy to put students into groups that way, and to find out who is ready to do or being help up by tough assignments. I also use conditional formatting to highlight low grades on those assignments, so that they can be included too. Any of that same kind of functionality would be useful.

    As always, thank you very much for everything that you all do.

    Bob Reifsneider
    FLVS Chemistry and Physics

    1. Bob -
      I think I see your point here …
      It would be best to ignore the “EX” assignments from the search.
      Unless checked otherwise, keep the N/A assessments from the list as well.
      Would this be correct?
      Any other thoughts on this from others?
      Thank you.

  2. Love this feature to email students based on performance. I run a weekly mail merge and send to the educator email but this will save me an incredible amount of time AND let me reach the parent also.

    I would still like the student and parent email to show up in gradebook when I export the data so I could send the full gradebook to parents every once in awhile (as needed) in a progress report.

    1. Thank you, Shea.
      Under the current database structure within Educator, sending a full gradebook might be resource and time-consuming.
      The good news? The structure now in development will readily facilitate this for teachers.
      So … hang in there. :-)
      And thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

  3. I love the new student tracking feature. Would it be possible to add a feature that allows us to sort by active segment? I’d like to be able to search for all segment one students who haven’t yet completed their collaboration.
    Also, on the student workload feature: Would it be possible to streamline this a bit? My need is to view the student’s assessment folder. This feature makes it easier but what would be even better would be to have a list of students names with a small next to each name. If I could open the student’s assessment folder(in a new tab) just by clicking on that icon it would save me two clicks.

    1. Hi, Randall! Thanks for reaching out to us all here.
      Segment Sorting:
      I like the idea. Makes great sense. This will hit the developers’ lab this week! :-)
      Please understand that ALL Educator data comes from VSA. Educator considers a student active as VSA dictates.
      This means that a student MIGHT be registered for a segment two class but NOT yet active.
      Or the student might be activated months before you want that to be the case.
      Student Assignments:
      That might not happen too soon. It seems better suited for our new teaching/learning platform. We’ll see.
      Fair enough? :-)
      And thanks again for your contribution.

  4. I really like the idea of being able to find student via the requirements page. I would love to see an option where I could find a student based on a if…then. For example, find students if they have submitted x, but not y. This will allow me to see which students have say turned in their last assignment, but have not taken their oral exam. It would also be nice if the oral exam showed up in the list of assignments as well, so that I could force a resource to those students to complete their oral exam if they have finished the last assignment. Something else that wold be awesome to see is who has not submitted work within a certain date range so that I could add those students to a group or force them a resource. I know in VSA we can see the last assignment submitted, but it would be nice to search like that from this page to force for example students who have not submitted work since before 4/22/21 or something to that effect.

    1. Thank you for all these thoughtful ideas.
      These will be shared with Ucompass developers. They will likely show up in one form or another.
      They might wait for the new system launch this summer, but we’ll see.
      Thanks again.

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