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If you don’t understand the details of your business you are going to fail.
~ Jeff Bezos

backstageIt’s been a busy week both behind the Educator stage and face-to-face with many teachers and administrators. It has been a very “public” week … from Leon County to Flagler County to the Florida District Virtual Instruction Program Network (FLDVIPN) Symposium in Lake Mary to the NSTA Conference in Boston. Lots of great energy and even greater dialogue are still going on!

What about some goodies? What about some enhancements? What about a little something for our favorite fans? We actually had a great idea come our way via your help desk. Effective today, students will only see email recipients from the current course. The default will automatically reference only the current course. They will still be able to change the email filters and select other courses, but the default will limit the recipient list. This change should trim the scope of spam some of you have reported. Please keep us posted, and remember to thank your help desk for this great idea.

We’ve also added one detail that has been requested. Take a look:


Do you see that number inside the small red box? That’s the number of UNREAD emails the student has in his/her inbox! Going forward … whenever you look a student’s grade report, you’ll be able to quickly identify how many emails a student has yet to open!

One more small detail … as someone wrote:

When I’m grading, I filter by the dates. I click the dates on the calendars that pop up. The calendars are great! But — I am never grading future assignments. (Impossible, no?)
So, why do I see the current month and the UPCOMING month?
What would really help is to see the current month and the PREVIOUS month.

Made sense to us! So be it!

The development taking place behind the curtain this past week will make your onstage Educator life even better in the coming weeks. That’s a promise.

Success is the sum of details.
~ Harvey S. Firestone

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2 thoughts on “Small Detail

  1. Love the unread email feature!!! I was always checking to see if students were reading my emails by “entering as a student”…Now I can tell with one click glance. You are wonderful!!

    I was wondering, if there a way that we could add a flag system to the gradebook for teacher use? Just one column where I can put a little flag ? Like the flags in the email system? (Perhaps I want to discuss that assignment with a student or need to remember what assignments I told the student to have done by Wednesday…at a glance.)

    Thanks again for all the improvements!! It is so exciting when a new feature pops up!!

    You hard work makes a difference in my life day-to-day.

    Thank you!!

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