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home250If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share.
~ W. Clement Stone

Where do you spend most of your time when you are not working? You probably spend it at home, right? For most of you that’s also where you spend your time while you are working anyway. Think about home.

It’s should feel good. Hopefully, that’s how it feels for you. You have your “stuff” in your space, and it has the unique comfort of familiarity. Going way out on a limb here … it’s probably safe to say that even with all the junk in the drawers, and the shoes on the floor, and the laundry to be done, and the marks on the walls, and the drip in the sink … it’s your home, your sacred space, and you’re happy that it’s there. Most of us are fortunate enough to probably concur with that.

Enough about that; what about Educator?

educator-power250Educator is where you work. It’s a place. It’s your office. And we at Ucompass are really thankful that you are here. We work for you; we work with you. Our job is service. Indeed we design, build, and support learning software, but we think of ourselves as a service company, serving you and your students what you need to succeed in your jobs of teaching and learning. We are thankful for this opportunity.

As Clement Stone’s quote above suggests, it’s time again for us to share.

What is the most important tool at your disposal in the Educator learning management system? While some might argue otherwise, email seems to be a most critical function. So, for this time called Thanksgiving, sharing some home improvements definitely seems in order. Pay a visit to your new message section …


We are going to focus here on the teacher and TA view.  Both roles will function the same way. The SCHOOL column has been added to join the STUDENT and COURSE columns. As you might expect, all columns are fully sortable. To the far left you will recognize the familiar TO, CC, and BCC check boxes that still SELECT ALL entries below.  You can now UNCHECK any selections at will. Before looking at the FILTER boxes (labeled 1, 2, 3 above), it’s most important to go over the golden rule of filters.

Do all filtering first; then select.
In other words … do NOT select ANY recipients until you have completed your filtering.
Remember … FILTER FIRST.


Take a look at the three filters. The COURSE FILTER presents a drop-down of all your courses. Selecting one course will email everyone in that course. Filter #2 will SHOW ONLY the group selected. The FILTER text box works like all others text filters you have seen.  So, for example …

To send an email only to all students in Course 123:
1 – COURSE FILTER to course 123
2 – SHOW ONLY students
3 – Check the TO box in the top row

To send an email to all TA’s in all your classes:
1 – SHOW ONLY assistants
2 – Check the TO box in the top row

The RESET and SET buttons below are very handy.


If you ever want to erase it all and start over, hit RESET. Once you are satisfied that things are addressed the way you want, you must select SET RECIPIENT LIST in order to successfully address an email. How will you know that an email is properly addressed? It’s not possible to check through every name on the message page, but you will see a notice calling for you to HOVER FOR RECIPIENT LIST.


You will see a very partial list of recipients and a call to return to the list you had previously set. Click on RECIPIENT LIST, and it will take you back to that first window. Check your work. Examine the checkmarks. You can always RESET them to a clean slate, if you need to start over again.

Once you get accustomed to the interface, we think you’ll appreciate the new power here. Please let us know. Thank you once again for allowing us to serve you and your students.

The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.
~ William Blake

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2 thoughts on “Thank You Note

  1. Wow!! These new email features are so amazing! I am very thankful for this. It feels like a last assignment date and last assignment name column is only a step away….now that is exciting.

    Imagine, if I could email all the students who just submitted their consumer fitness work out log their DBA study guide. (Filter: consumer fitness workout log)

    Or if I wanted to send a reminder email to students and parents who have not worked this week. (Filter: Dates between 12/1/13 – 12/8/13)

    Now that is powerful and I feel it within reach : )

    Thank you so much for all your hard work and making Educator much more robust.

    1. Powerful? Agreed!
      Within reach? No doubt!
      How soon?
      (I must leave that to the developers.)

      Thanks for reaching out to us here.
      Stay tuned in coming weeks and months for even greater thrills. :-)

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