May the Force Be With You!

May the Force be with you.
~ General Jan Dodonna, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

Let’s begin by putting this into your own words …

When we do a course-wide force, the individual forces override the course-wide force. Many of us use weekly forcing slides but would like to use a course-wide force for special occasions like Thanksgiving. However, I do not want to delete all those individual weekly forces. I would have to write down all the forces or start from scratch. It would be awesome if I could toggle to have the course-wide force override the individual forces.

I have so many courses that it would be amazing if I didn’t have to upload it to every class individually. Is there a way I can upload it 1 time and then select the courses I want it posted to?

Can we specify a date range to have it posted in each course? I’m actually not sure how the forcing slides work. When students login do they see it every time until I remove it? or does it only come up the first time?

Be able to override slides for the entire class. Currently, you have to delete individual student slides in order to force a slide for everyone.

I think it would be great if there were a place in the course where I could CHANGE that priority temporarily – make the GROUP slide override the INDIVIDUAL slide for a day or a week, and then toggle back to the individual forcing slides overriding the group ones.

Sounds like you were forcing us to pay more attention to forcing, doesn’t it?  So we did!

Your forcing area (STUDENTS > FORCING) now has new power and ease of use. As soon as you go there, you’ll notice the difference. The highlighted red areas below are all that was there before now.


Notice that you can now set expiration dates for the forcing! All actions/forces will remain in effect until 11:59pm of the set expiration date. The new drop-down list should save a lot of hunting for Object ID numbers and the like.

forcing1CHitting the down arrow (or any key) will bring up a handy list of choices.  The LINK section at the bottom of this list navigates through any files you have placed in your MY FOLDERS area.

Did you notice the new power choices toward the bottom? You will now get to select whether or not course-wide forcing overrides individual forcing. The choice is yours, and you can even set a date! So … no matter what individual slides you might have set, you can now wish every student a Happy Thanksgiving for a day or two.

There are still individual forcing conditions that can be set. You can click at the bottom of this forcing page. You will come to a list of all students where you can set an expiration date and use the drop-down forcing selector for each student.


There is yet another way to set individual forcing pages.

forcing_gb1Enter a particular student’s grade report. There’s a new link in the top section, Forcing Resource. Clicking that link will bring you to a now-familiar drop-down box and date field.


We trust these improvements will make your forcing life a bit smoother and less tedious. Be sure to let us know.

We don’t imagine that we will be crossing paths next Thursday night. There will be far too many turkey sandwiches to make! Visiting us here next Tuesday night, however, could be a wonderful idea. <Hint? >

The Force will be with you … always.
~ Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

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